It’s in the morning that the sweet silence is filled with intense aromatic notes and small rituals that awaken the mind and prepare us for the new day.

We are talking about coffee: the essence that gives energy to our days.

Every cup holds aroma, taste, emotions. It encloses a world of culture, passion and technique that must be protected and enhanced, starting with its packaging.

At Maca, we design and produce flexible packaging with triplex PET + AL + PE. Three recyclable materials that together create a green solution capable of guaranteeing the quality and intense aroma of coffee for a long time.

The outer PET layer offers high temperature resistance, gives the packaging brilliance and guarantees excellent printing performance. The packaging can be customised with the design of your choice, giving you plenty of scope for creativity and branding.

The Aluminium (AL) interlayer creates a 360° barrier against air, light and moisture. This ensures that the coffee is protected from external factors that could compromise aroma and freshness. The aluminium also helps to keep the organoleptic properties of the coffee intact and prolongs the shelf life.

Finally, the inner, product-contact layer made of Polyethylene (PE) allows the product to be sealed and preserved. This is a flexible, versatile and impact-resistant material that guarantees maximum protection during transport.

Choosing flexible, lightweight packaging for your coffee means choosing a solution that will help you reduce your impact on the environment without sacrificing the quality, safety and strength of rigid packaging. You will also save on logistics costs thanks to the smaller amount of material used.

Quality, safety, customization and sustainability. Thanks to our flexible packaging, your coffee will always have its intense aroma.