A pack designed by innovation and technology.

Our flexible approach and our long experience in the sector allow us to offer innovative packaging solutions and printing techniques. Constant updating and the continuous search for effective solutions make us able to satisfy all our customer’s requests: special printing materials and finishes, innovative shapes and sizes of the containers, competitive production times and costs.

Beverage & Spirits

Special print finishes, innovative design and communication potential are just some of the main requirements of a packaging intended for the Beverage & Spirits sector.

Added to these are resistance, low cost and eco-sustainability.
All characteristics that influence the attractiveness of the product on the shelf and the choice of purchase. At Maca we are able to meet all these requirements and offer functional solutions with a strong aesthetic appeal.

Food & Dairy

In the Food & Dairy sector, packaging plays a very important role for the protection, integrity and healthiness of the product, as well as for its communication.

Our long experience allows us to offer technical advice on materials, types of printing and packaging solutions by providing sustainable alternatives such as pouches, stretch or shrink sleeves, labels and other flexible packaging solutions.

Personal Care

Personal Care means Human design. In this sector, in addition to the protective function,
the packaging takes on the important role of facilitating daily actions.

Design, functionality and aesthetics of the pack, together with recyclability and sustainability, are fundamental requirements that determine the final purchase decision. From pouches to sleeves, we offer green, functional and effective flexible packaging solutions.

Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceutical

In the Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceutical sector, packaging ensures the integrity,
healthiness and protection of the product.

At Maca, we offer all the care and safety that the sector requires, such as communicating the contents of the packaging and entering information relating to the product and its traceability.

Home Care

In the last decade, there has been talk of a real change of course in the Home Care
sector that uses more and more green and eco-friendly packaging.

Sustainability, recyclability and respect for the environment have become fundamental characteristics for packaging intended for this sector. Our green solutions adapt to any type of shape and material and offer the advantage of being aesthetically appealing and kind to the planet.

Chemical & Fertilizers

The peculiarity of the packaging for the Chemical & Fertilizers sector is its resistance.

Often the packaging must resist the aggressiveness of the product itself that, in fact, could damage it. The experience and technical skills of the Maca team allow us to identify the most suitable supports, inks and varnishes in order to offer functional, resistant and eco-sustainable packaging.

Oils & Lubrificants

We offer flexible packaging solutions that adapt and fully cover containers of any shape, size and material, from a small bottle to a large tank.

Our skills allow us to meet the most complex graphic needs: special print finishes, fast production times and low costs.

Pet Care

We design safe and recyclable solutions in extremely advantageous times, even for products intended for the care and feeding of pets.

We meet the needs of the Pet Care sector with competence and enthusiasm and offer functional flexible packaging,
with a great visual impact and respect of the environment.

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Flexible Packaging Plant
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Flexible Packaging Plant 
Z.I. Cubante, 82018 Calvi (BN) Italy
Label Plant
Z.I. Pescarole, 83028 Serino (AV) Italy

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