Imagine a painter in front of a small blank canvas; a limited space to convey his message.

Label design is just that: the art of capturing attention and evoking emotions in a single glance, telling the story of a brand through colours, words and shapes in a well-defined space.

An effectively designed label is the key to reaching people’s hearts and making them choose you and your beverage.

But how do you make your label as unique as your product?

That’s where Maca’s shrink sleeves come in: shrink sleeve labels that wrap 360° around your bottle or can give you more design space than traditional labels.

Thanks to shrink sleeves, you will tell the story of your product by highlighting its benefits and creating a unique and engaging visual experience. This is how you will transport your potential customers on a sensory journey of discovery of your product and brand.

Whether you produce craft beers, energy drinks or fine sparkling wines, shrink sleeves will fit perfectly into your packaging creating a large, continuous design surface. Your design will completely embrace your product, whatever the shape of the container.

To give it an extra touch of creativity and originality, you can choose from a wide range of printing options, finishes and special effects such as metallic or paper touch. Visual and tactile elements that will enhance your brand and personalise your product in a unique way.

Maca shrink sleeves are a functional, safe, aesthetically appealing and sustainable solution for the planet. We only make them from durable, eco-friendly and high-quality materials such as PET, OPS, PVC, hybrid film, PLA and R-PET. The latter obtained from the recovery and recycling processes of common PET (polyethylene terephthalate) reduces the CO2 footprint of production.

From design to printing, our team will guide you through the entire design and production process to guarantee you an attractive, functional label that communicates your message and vision effectively.

Give your brand voice! Rely on our experience and let your pack speak for itself.


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