From Food to Home Care, from Pharmaceutical to Pet Care. Pouches are the perfect flexible packaging solution for storing and protecting all kinds of products.

A type of packaging that will allow you to protect the environment, communicate your commitment to sustainability, and save on production and transportation costs, as they can also be made with 70% less plastic than conventional packaging.

Choosing pouches as packaging for your product means reducing production materials without sacrificing design and graphics.

They are, in fact, highly customizable packaging in shape, size, materials, finish and accessories. That is why they stand out on the shelf and immediately catch the consumer’s eye.

Whether stand-up pouches or doypacks, of standard or special shape, pouches always guarantee safety, strength and perfect product preservation. In particular, our pouches can be made in laminated or mono-film, in both cases either 100% recyclable single-material (either PP or PE) or paper-based.

Finally, we design and define their size according to the product to be stored and make them super appealing with a glossy, matt finish or paper touch varnish.

Can you see your flexible packaging taking shape?

Beyond choosing the best shape, design, and material for your packaging, you can fully enhance it with special features:

  • Open-close zipper to preserve product freshness with each use and to ensure that quality is not compromised over time;
  • Eurohole to be perfectly placed on hook-and-loop displays;
  • Carrying handles to make it manageable;
  • Caps and spouts to facilitate product usability, especially with liquids or fluids such as soft drinks or detergents;
  • Transparent windows to show and enhance the product (even in case of paper laminates);
  • Self-adhesive labels both inline and embossed for consumers who rely on Braille code, because P stands for Pouches and Personalization, but more importantly, for When designing new packaging, it is important to make it accessible and inclusive.

At Maca we design and manufacture customizable pouches for every industry capable of protecting and guarding all kinds of products.