Did you know that up to 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year?

Food waste is a real problem that affects not only people’s consumption habits, but also how food is stored.

From the home to the restaurant, from retail to mass distribution: the food problem affects the entire supply chain. For this reason, it is important to take action to reduce waste as much as possible.

In this scenario, what is often overlooked is the true value of packaging. As the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) itself has admitted, food waste can be reduced through the use of appropriate packaging.

The creation of effective packaging requires careful research into the materials that can be used and an excellent knowledge of the characteristics of the product to be stored. Nothing is left to chance.

Packaging is the ideal partner in reducing food waste because of its characteristics that enable it to prolong the shelf life of food, that is, the commercial life of food during which all its organoleptic properties remain intact. Prolonging shelf life means increasing the time of possible food consumption and consequently decreasing food waste.

The use of innovative materials allows the food product to maintain its organoleptic characteristics for a significantly longer period of time than if the product were directly exposed to the surrounding environment. Packaging, in fact, counteracts environmental agents and creates a real barrier against moisture, air, microbes and shocks.

If we combine the possibility of increasing the shelf life of food with the use of fully compostable materials, it will be possible to produce packaging capable of decreasing organic waste.

Packaging has a fundamental value in the food industry, but let’s not let it do it all!

Packaging is also a communication tool, and as such it carries the necessary information on how best to store the food it contains.

Let’s educate our consumers to be more conscious of the products they buy; whether it’s clearly visible on the label or through a smart packaging, there are no more excuses for not knowing how to store the products they buy and their expiration date.

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