Tamper-evident seals are the ideal solution to ensure best protection for your products and top safety for your customers.
There are two main reasons for employing tamper-evident seals: to highlight any tampering effort with the product and to protect the content of the packaging (e.g. by preventing caps from opening during transportation).
Usually, tamper-evident seals are used in pharmaceutical, personal care and beverage industries; however, they can be applied to any packaging with a cap, such as jam jars, squeeze packs for sauces and tubs of ice-cream. 

How are tamper-evident seals made?

First and foremost, an important piece of knowledge: tamper-evident seals do not prevent tampering, they only make it possible to detect it. Packaging equipped with this kind of seal is designed to make any tampering with or alteration to the product stand out, thus ensuring the integrity and safety of the purchased item for the end user. 
Tamper-evident seals are made with shrink sleeves with punched holes which help removing the seal before using the product.
Seals are designed straight from the project for the primary packaging and can be applied to every existing packaging or bottling layout, often with very low application times.

Main benefits of tamper-evident seals?

Choosing a tamper-proof packaging is leveraging a failproof key to your customers’ trust. As a matter of fact, end users will have the utmost certainty that the product has remained sealed and protected up to its usage — a matter of primary importance when it comes to drugs and food. 
Since these seals are made with shrink sleeves, they can be one with the product label and customized with colors, artworks and messages in perfect harmony with the packaging design. Most of all, they can become a whole with the product, which simplifies the labelling process and reduces its costs compared, for instance, to multiple self-adhesive labelling. In fact, thanks to laser or mechanical micro-perforation systems, it’s possible to design shrink sleeves to also be “tamper-proof”.
We should notice that this is exclusively possible on shrink sleeves, which are the only labels that can perfectly fit irregular-shaped packaging (without glue, nonetheless).
Tamper-evident seals will make your products safer. Maca can identify the most efficient and practical packaging solutions for you and your products, from choosing the shrink or stretch labelling and tamper-evident seals application equipment up to the very final stage of the primary packaging sleeving process. We rely on years of experience helping customers find the best solution for any kind of product and packaging.