Maca expands its array of solutions with a new fully flexible and organic packaging. This non-polluting packaging loves Earth: we can dispose of it in its very soil.

We introduced this new product at SIC 2021 (Salone Industria Casearia e Conserviera 2021) as a solution for dairy products packaging, and it was praised and awarded as one of the most innovative solutions of the exhibition.

The green innovation in food packaging

The real breakthrough came while pursuing a perfect packaging material which, in addition to product safety and preservation, also guaranteed 100% sustainability. Our research team constantly works to create new materials in order to attain sustainable alternatives to plastic.

Our innovative packaging, made in collaboration with PFM, is made from MATER-BI untreated paper film, a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil-derived plastic which offers a number of substantial benefits:

  • it is obtained from renewable sources
  • it is biodegradable
  • it is compostable.

The packaging eventually ends up in the organic waste collection before undergoing industrial composting, therefore aiding waste disposal and management.

Moreover, this process requires no energy expenditure, and the organic component of the packaging can be fully converted into compost, without any further subproducts.

Packaging is not merely a shell with the only purpose of keeping and preserving the product; it also doubles as a marketing tool with the power to engage customers and convey brand values.

It is for this reason that, alongside researching nature-friendly materials, we also strive to achieve sustainability through proficient use of technology.

An even greener packaging

The new Maca flexible packaging became even greener thanks to its printing and lamination technology: it was entirely manufactured using water-based inks and glues.

We at Maca made a significant financial and technological effort and adopted a new line of flexo printing machines entirely dedicated to water printing: a non-polluting technology which is totally free of solvent emissions and minimizes the environmental impact of the printing process.

In addition to this, we are taking our own Steps for resPackt: a step-by-step tale of our commitment to a sustainable development.

We believe that earth-caring packaging must follow the principles of circular economy: a self-sufficient economy, as opposed to the traditional consumption dynamics, which does not renounce creativity, efficiency, and appeal. It should also convey essential information at first glance through user and storage instructions or ecolabels and, of course, spread brand values.

We genuinely hope that our latest step forward may set a virtuous example for those who wish to build a better and greener future — by starting from packaging.