Thanks to our Flexible Thinking approach, we always find the courage to change – and changing means evolving. We’ve done it by choosing to invest in flexographic printing with water-based ink: a safe and sustainable solution.

 This type of ink was used for a very long time, especially to print on paper in flexography. Then, the water-based ink was replaced by solvent-based ink because it allowed to achieve more performing results in terms of colors.

However, returning to water-based ink does not mean taking a step back. The innovation, in fact, lies in the possibility of using this solution in flexographic printing even on plastic substrates (printed with solvent-based inks so far). The improvements made in the field of evaporative inks led to the birth of a new generation of water-based inks. The innovative structure of the components of this ink allows to reach high-quality results both in terms of color and resistance.

Why are water-based colors being used more and more in flexographic printing?

 In technical terms, water-based inks make it easier to work on pigmentation with the addition of a concentrated paste.

In terms of safety, the emission of solvents is completely eliminated, the VOC values ​​are zero or extremely low and there is no risk of fire. The salubrity of the location improves drastically, making it less harmful to the staff’s health. In addition, this brings economic advantages: the investments are also reduced as no solvent recovery or abatement system is required . Explosion-proof and solvent disposal safety systems have a lower economic impact and less solvent is used in the print room.  

In terms of marketing, the use of water-based ink is a strong communication point for both the company that produces the packaging and for the brand that chooses to use it – thanks to the greater sustainability of the production process and the characteristics of the raw material. Choosing water-based inks, rather than solvent-based ones, also helps the green positioning of both the printer and the brand because it conveys the value of sustainability.

Sustainability has become a key driver of choice and has a fundamental role in corporate marketing strategies.

According to the Consumer Packaging Observatory, 27% of consumers have increased their purchases of sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Water-based ink, therefore, today represents an innovative and winning choice for the planet, for our company and for brands.

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