Sustainable packaging also means sustainable consumption.

In fact, packaging with easy open labels – that can be easily closed after the opening – ensure the integrity of the product and, therefore, reduce waste.

But what is behind this modern and practical packaging?

The secret lies in the innovative laser cutting technology that consents to create not only easy-open solutions, but also die-cut packaging (window packaging), micro/macro-perforations to allow for breathability (easy-breath) and microwave cooking of the product (easy-ventilation).

However, it should be considered that there’s a difference between low and high power lasers.

The low-power laser is used for micro-holes, for pre-cuts to open with open-and-close labels of any shape, and for codes, time and other elements for traceability.

The high-power laser, on the other hand, is used for micro and macro perforation, even with thin aluminum (e.g., for the degassing of coffee packs). It is also used for the die-cutting of any shape and in any position on mixed raw material (such as paper and plastic or paper and PLA or paper and naturflex). Moreover, it is used to make pre-cuts for the easy opening (e.g., wet wipes in singole dose, in the presence of thin aluminum).

Recenty, we have adopted a major innovation for the lamination phase by using the laser system that we had already appreciated in the cutting-rewinding phase. This systems allows to die-cut paper on which the glue was not applied in register, but on full surface, with considerable advantages.

Thanks to this method, the production process is also 10 times faster compared to the past, since it allows for lamination speeds of no less than 200 meters per minute, even with high viscosity one-component adhesives.

The higher productivity also determines lower processing costs and therefore a less expensive product.

In addition, it also guarantees the synchronization of the laser-laminator speed, the register accuracy, the safety functions and the removal of the scraps.

Finally, the aesthetic reaches high quality standards as the lamination and the controlled cutting consent a die-cutting to the limit of perfection.