When we have to face sudden changes and still manage to find the best solution.
When we find a clever –  and easier – way to do something we’ve always done. And when we imagine alternatives to a non-optimal situation or adapt – as we can –  to a condition with no way out.

It is in these moments that flexible thinking comes into play and we trace a new path.

2020 has taken away a lot from everyone, but it has also reminded us that we are able to change direction. During this year, we have been tracing a new path at Maca – a metaphor of resilience and a sign of a look towards a more sustainable future.

Evolution is written in our DNA.

We strongly wanted to share it with the world and this is how our new logo, payoff and new corporate identity were born.

Flexible Thinking represents our value proposition and our ideals. The roundness and flexibility of our logo express its flow. The dynamism of the lines reminds of the motion of the tapes, the industriousness and rhythm of the machinery in the production department. The colors are those of the Northern Lights –  the energetic blue is a symbol of harmony, balance and solidity, whereas the green is the color of life, growth and innovation.
A new image that anticipates a change of direction towards a more eco-friendly business model.

And then there is “Energy Think”, a newsletter that can be read in one sip, as fresh and energetic as a drink. You will receive it at cocktail time, every two months,  and you will read about packaging, Flexible Thinking, sustainability and new connections.

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