The aperitif is an authentic ritual in Italian culture.

From beer to non-alcoholic drinks, from fruit juices to fizzy drinks. Drinks are the true protagonists of the Italian aperitivo. And they are so both because of their taste and their highly appealing packaging.

We know how important it is to present your product in the best possible way, which is why we work with the major beverage companies to help them stand out on the shelf with impactful packaging.

Among our solutions, stretch sleeves are the ideal choice in terms of customisation, convenience and sustainability.

Stretch sleeves give ample room for design and branding thanks to the multiple finishes with which they can be customised: glossy, matt, paper-touch varnish or metallic effect. They are made of 100% recyclable polyethylene and, thanks to their elastic properties, are perfect for completely wrapping containers of different shapes and materials, without the use of adhesives or heat.

Eco-friendly, easy to recycle and UV-resistant. Stretch sleeves are a sustainable solution with a low-energy production process that reduces the impact on the environment and production costs.

But we go much further.

Innovative stretch sleeves open the door to multiple solutions such as the possibility of multipacks: multiple packs that increase the visibility of your brand and your beverages on the shelves and entice customers to buy several packs at once. Made of low-intensity polyethylene (LDPE), multipacks will help you to:

  • Make your green contribution to the environment because they are 100% recyclable;
  • Give ample room for creativity and brand design;
  • Have customised graphics without having to alter the individual pack label.

To facilitate the transport of multipacks, at Maca we offer the possibility of applying convenient handles to optimise logistics and guarantee convenience and safety.

We want to help you create an engaging and impactful shopping and consumption experience. At Maca, we start by listening to you in order to identify the packaging and labelling solution best suited to your needs and to evaluate the best performing machinery to implement it. Thanks to our engineering and innovative technologies, we always guarantee the highest quality and numerous economic advantages.