Prosecco is more than just a drink: it is an invitation to raise our glasses to the sky, to celebrate special moments and to create unforgettable memories.

Every sip contains joy, enthusiasm and carefreeness. And if you want to make the toast experience even more unique and exciting, pay attention to the details, starting with the packaging.

This is where Maca shrink sleeves come into the picture, a real marketing lever to make your bottles unique, to attract the attention of your customers and to enhance your brand.

Shrink sleeve labels that wrap the bottle 360°, adapting perfectly to any shape. A solution that will allow you to customise your product in an exclusive way and express your creativity to the full.

With Maca shrink sleeves you can choose from a wide range of finishes that will give your bottle a touch of class and originality. From glossy finishes that catch the light and reflect the fresh and festive spirit of Prosecco, to matt finishes that lend elegance and sophistication, to special finishes such as paper touch varnish and the metallic effect that adds a touch of luxury and exclusivity.

Visual and tactile effects that enhance your brand and offer a complete sensory experience that starts with the packaging and ends with the tasting of the product.

We make them from durable, eco-friendly and high-quality materials such as PET, OPS, PVC, hybrid film, PLA and R-PET. The latter, obtained from the recovery and recycling processes of common PET (polyethylene terephthalate), reduces the CO2 footprint of production.

Their ease of removal allows packaging components to be easily recycled and contributes to the circular economy. A beautiful and impactful solution for your brand and truly sustainable for the environment.

Let us choose the perfect finish to enhance your product and tell your brand story together. Rely on our advice and professionalism to create a unique and refined toast experience for your customers.