It is in beautiful Sicily that the story of Gruppo Villari, a company with over fifty years of experience in the production and distribution of citrus and fruit and vegetable products, begins. A story of tradition and respect for the land that the company tells to the whole world thanks to its products with a unique aroma and flavor.

Gruppo Villari chose Maca as its partner to create the packaging for its new product “Le perle di Lumì”, tasting candies with pure Sicilian lemon juice.

Our mission? To be able to make people taste with their eyes the true flavor of Sicily thanks to a packaging capable of enhancing the brand, guarding the product and preserving over time all the quality and intense flavor of the candies.

We kept “Le perle di Lumì” in a stand-up doypack, perfect for display on any shelf and which we made with our forming machine. Flexible packaging is created through a solvent-free lamination process that does not reduce or defeat the mechanical or technological properties of the laminate.

Flexographic printing with water-based inks used, provides less environmental impact with the same color rendering and resistance as solvent inks.

On all sides of the packaging dominates an eye-catching graphic that refers to all that is typically Sicilian: the lemons, orange blossoms and Moor heads that we enhanced with strategically paired finishes. A matte finish was chosen for the bag that we enhanced with paper touch effect varnish.

As the Sicilian sun illuminates and is a source of life for the expanses of citrus fruits, so the brand logo gives light to the packaging with all its full and bright finish.

The stand-up doypack was designed to maximize the value of the product:

  • The window on the front lets the candies be seen in all their beauty and intrigues the consumer;
  • The eurohole gives the opportunity to put the product nicely on hook-and-loop displays;
  • The open-close zipper allows the quality of the product to be preserved over time even though it is not consumed immediately and is an ideal solution for on-the-go consumption.

A packaging with a strong visual impact that communicates all the genuineness of the product inside starting with the sensation conveyed by sight and touch.

We have supported Gruppo Villari in all stages of the production process:

  • Definition of the structure to be used to ensure the required consistency and to preserve the chemical and physical characteristics of the product;
  • Support in choosing useful refinements to highlight the essential elements of the packaging;
  • Making prototypes and mockups in order to verify the dimensions and space requirements of both the contents and secondary packaging.

Because for us at Maca, quality is not simply a feature of the finished product, but a path that starts first with consulting and listening to all of our clients’ needs.

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