Did you know that the first single-material flexible packaging for detergents are Italian?

Italian companies in the detergent sector are increasingly advancing toward eco-friendly packaging capable of generating less environmental impact.

Increasingly used are stand-up pouches with heat-sealed caps made entirely of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), 100% recyclable and able to guarantee the same quality standards and strength as classic rigid packaging.

But is it possible to pollute less and save more money? The answer is yes!

Thanks to detergent pouches, up to 84 % of plastic can be saved compared to a rigid bottle. The benefits are endless:

  • Reduce the amount of material used;
  • Reduce production costs;
  • Reduce the weight of packaging;
  • Reduce size and facilitate logistics;
  • Reduce transportation costs;
  • Increase the value of your product.

The exponential growth of the liquid detergent market has made it vital to design more sustainable, eye-catching and visually appealing packaging to attract consumers’ attention and make them choose your product from the pack.

Pouches are flexible solutions that can be fully customized on all sides to which you can give special shapes, special finishes and “optional extras” such as spouts and caps to pour the product conveniently and without waste. Green light to graphic customization, branding and communication of claims important to your audience. An example? Communicate being sustainable right from the packaging.

People are increasingly choosing brands and companies that can guide them toward more sustainable choices. We are all called to make a positive and sustainable impact in the world, and we can do so starting with easily recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging.

Start being truly green with 100% recyclable pouches. We will carefully study your brand and product to design a package capable of meeting all requirements for quality, preservation, information, durability and safety.