Sustainability and the innovation needed to ensure it are currently the main drivers in the packaging industry. Consider the European Union, which has set as its goal to make all plastic packaging recyclable and reusable by 2030.

Environmental protection and preservation are increasingly relevant issues that guide and will guide for the next few years not only our actions, but also consumer choices.

The growing interest and attention paid to the principles behind the circular economyReuse, Reduce and Recycle – lead us to add to these concepts a fourth R, that of Redesign.

Actively participating in the packaging revolution that focuses on efficiency means rethinking and redesigning one’s packaging from a green perspective so as to reduce its environmental impact, without losing sight of its main missions: protecting content, communicating useful information to consumers, and being appealing to the viewer.

Redesigning your packaging to make it environmentally friendly means coming up with innovative and educational solutions for the consumer that are mindful of nature and designed to reduce CO2 emissions. It means bringing to life functional solutions made with recyclable materials and as little material as possible.

In fact, reducing the weight of one’s packaging means:

  • Reduce the impact of one’s actions on the environment;
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced;
  • Reduce the fuel that is used in the distribution chain.

It will be the dialogue with the land and the conscious use of resources that will allow you to make your contribution to environmental sustainability and to respond to the consumer need for lighter and more functional packaging capable of encouraging the bulk purchase of a product.

At Maca, we use high-performance thin films that can reduce the material used for packaging. We contribute in this way to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, materials for disposal, and the optimization of transportation and warehouse management.

We support our clients in the redesign of their packaging thanks to the research and technical expertise that we continually update, enabling us to guarantee the creation of lightweight solutions without sacrificing the quality and strength of all time.

Sustainability is in our DNA: we connect brands and consumers with innovative, sustainable solutions and work every day on new methods of weight reduction that we make available to our customers. Contact us.