From the beauty industry to pharmaceuticals, from household products to food, the phenomenon of counterfeiting is growing rapidly.

Traceability and safety are now primary needs for today’s consumers who increasingly seek detailed data and information on the origin and production of the products they buy.

Counterfeiting or illegal reproduction is a damage not only to companies’ profits and perceived brand value, but also represents a real risk to the health and safety of those who purchase a particular product, especially in the pharmaceutical field.

Dealing with these issues may seem difficult, but current technologies are coming to our aid in protecting our products and the consumer. Through digital marking and coding solutions such as two-dimensional codes, RFID or NFC tags, it will be possible to ensure product authenticity and tracking throughout the supply chain.

But what are the most widely used anti-counterfeiting systems in different industries?

The pharmaceutical sector is the main target of this phenomenon, which is why we find particularly stringent regulations on authentication systems. There is an increasing trend toward serial track and trace marking technologies based on two-dimensional codes printed on product packaging. This technology is capable of electronically providing all the information necessary for traceability and can also function under special conditions such as the presence of a temperature of -80° Celsius.

In the beauty industry, however, it has become very popular to use holograms to personalize one’s packaging and confirm the authenticity of the product. Such an aesthetic element not only provides greater visual impact, but also makes the packaging more difficult to reproduce.

In the food industry, a marking system based on QR code printing that can provide all the necessary information to ensure the originality and traceability of the product is mainly used.

When designing packaging with the intention of making it all-round safe, therefore, it is not enough to focus only on technical aspects such as durability and impact resistance or product preservation, but also on the safety and protection of the brand and the consumer.

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