Did you know that packaging attracts consumers’ attention more than the product inside?

A fast-growing trend is highly customized packaging.

Customizing your packaging is now a necessary investment for all companies that wish to present themselves in a professional way and with a strong identity to their customers. It is another step your company can take toward an increasingly customer centric approach that will allow you to demonstrate your care not only for the product, but also for what it contains and for those who will receive it.

But what are the benefits of customizing your own packaging?

Creative packaging, with distinctive shapes and colors, is the key to strengthening your positioning in the minds of consumers, increasing your company’s visibility, and promoting the values you believe in and the causes you champion, such as protection for the environment.

In addition, presenting yourself in a unique way and with your own personal touch will give you the opportunity to initiate a real bond with your customers. If the consumer is captivated by the appearance of your packaging, a desire will arise in them to discover its contents and espouse its values.

At Maca we give plenty of room for customization and branding with our flexible solutions.  In particular, with shrink sleeves we offer 360 degree coverage of any packaging so that design is the real star.

From glossy, matt or metallic finish, our shrink sleeves are made from the best printing materials.

There is OPS with its excellent transparency, gloss and luster properties, PLA perfect for 3D printing and environmentally friendly and 100% compostable, and PETG with its strength and excellent ink adhesion.

Shrink sleeves are the perfect solution to give your products maximum aesthetic impact and to respond, with bright and vivid colors, to the need for lightheartedness and positivity characteristic of today’s consumers.

So follow the trend, unleash your creativity and customize your product packaging.

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