32% of consumers admit that they have stopped buying a product because of its inaccessible packaging (Source: DS Smith). Choosing a product, reading the information, and opening the packaging may seem like simple everyday actions, but not for everyone.

According to the Ethical Packaging Charter, packaging must always have the consumer as its main focus. Regardless of one’s ability, every person has the right to be able to access, understand and use a product.

We talk about inclusive packaging when the package is conceived and designed in response to certain consumer needs related to disabilities that prevent easy access to the product.

Not only attractive, but also functional: packaging is a gateway to the product and should not be an obstacle for anyone.

Whether visually impaired, blind, left- or right-handed, and regardless of sensory abilities, it needs to be accessible to everyone in an easy and intuitive way.

But when can we say that a packaging is accessible?

  • When texts ensure readability;
  • When the vocabulary used does not generate barriers;
  • When the layout makes it easy to find information;
  • When it offers immediate interaction that enables its use.


Some methods can be used for designing accessible and inclusive packaging, such as:

  • The use of legible characters or illustrations to facilitate reading;
  • Embossing that makes it easy to distinguish products by reproducing the “Braille” alphabet;
  • QR codes that can be used to play an audio message when scanned. The message can contain additional product information such as ingredients, how to use it and the product description.

The packaging industry has a responsibility to bring inclusive packs to the market. Our mission is to be able to make the experience with packaging as easy as possible for everyone.

At MACA, we have embraced the 10 values set out in the Ethical Packaging Charter and we are committed to packaging solutions that are: responsible, balanced, safe, transparent, informative, contemporary, forward-looking, educational, sustainable, and accessible.

Embrace these values too and create inclusive and accessible packaging for your product. The consumer will thank you with their loyalty.