Human to human, we design for people

Realising Positive Packaging is also Human Design.

But be careful not to banalise this idea with a very literal translation. The Human to Human approach does not mean ‘humanising’ companies in the broadest sense, it is not an ethical or moral recommendation addressed to companies.

Designing Human to Human means recognising the centrality of people within the business, knowing how to dialogue with them, knowing the cognitive mechanisms that animate their decisions and grasping the changes in the market in order to participate in them.

The challenge for packaging companies in the field of Human to Human design is certainly to create protective and environmentally sustainable solutions, but also, and above all, to facilitate everyday human actions and gestures.

Personal Care is the packaging production sector that best lends itself to this type of vision given its dynamic essence and its close correlation to human behaviour. Consumer behaviour is constantly changing and the real challenge for companies is to bring products into perfect alignment both with respect to usability and the industry trends offered by the market.

Bottles with caps, dispensers, pumps for sprays and creams combined with an endless variety of closure systems integrated with highly creative label systems are a central part of the packaging production for Personal Care.

These are packs with a strong connotation of design, functionality and aesthetics which, together with recyclability, sustainability and the continuous search for fast and efficient production processes, are fundamental requirements that determine the consumer’s purchasing decision.

Tamper Evident Seals from pharma to beauty

At Maca, we offer flexible packaging solutions in the Personal Care sector that are the ideal solution to ensure maximum protection for products and maximum safety for consumers.

Adding a tamper evident seal to a product is important to protect the contents of the package and helpful in highlighting possible tampering by third parties.

Deciding to use tamper evident packaging means choosing a foolproof way to increase consumer confidence. A matter of prime importance when it comes to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Tamper evident seals are made of shrink sleeve and can be integrated into the product label and, therefore, customised with colours, graphics and messages fully consistent with the packaging graphics. Most importantly, they can be applied as a ‘single body’, thereby facilitating product labelling and making it more cost-effective than multiple labelling. Thanks to the laser or mechanical microperforation system, a shrink sleeve can also be designed to have a ‘tamper-proof’ function.

At Maca, we identify the most efficient and functional packaging solutions from labelling machinery and the application of tamper evident seals to the final stage of sleeving the primary packaging. We have years of experience in helping customers choose the best packaging solutions for brands.

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