We take great pride in working with companies that, just like us, are fond of their homeland. It was our shared love for Campania and coffee, one of the products that spread its culture all over the world, that led to the over ten-years partnership between Maca and Caffè Motta. 

Last Christmas, Caffè Motta launched the “U.S. Salernitana 1919” limited edition ground coffee tins as a token of the sincere and deep-rooted bond which runs between this company and the city of Salerno. Caffè Motta has indeed managed to win the whole world’s esteem without ever forgetting its origins.
In the 1960s, Michele Mastromartino opened a little coffee reseller right in Salerno, starting an import and production business. Over the following years, the determination and entrepreneurial vision of the Mastromartino family were crucial for the growth of both the company and the territory.

This achievement required great commitment and deep dedication, which in turn gave birth to a unique, high-quality Made in Italy product. The Caffè Motta supply chain starts with an accurate selection of the finest Arabica and Robusta, later refined through innovative roasting and careful blending processes before eventually undergoing the packaging process and landing on the shelves of large retailers’ shelves or in the hospitality industry market.
Caffè Motta entrusted Maca with the manufacturing of “U.S. Salernitana 1919” limited edition: a limited edition of 4,000 units (tin cans) of Caffè Motta miscella cremoso.

Calling it “packaging” does not do it justice. “U.S. Salernitana 1919” limited edition is not merely a packaging project, but rather an actual storytelling strategy, with the purpose of winning customers in Salerno, awakening genuine and moving memories and reinforcing their relationship with this brand. 
To accomplish this task, it was necessary to employ a solution which displayed a strong visual impact, with a 360° immersive visualization and an efficient supply chain. 
We at Maca opted for shrink sleeves, the ideal solution to:

  • Fully coat the primary packaging 
  • Offer plenty of room for customization
  • Ensure an excellent visual performance
  • Maximize the speed of the entire packaging process

Thanks to the wide range of thickness, inks and special finishes, shrink sleeves perfectly met Caffè Motta’s requirements; they are also made with polymer films so they can adjust to the packaging shape by applying heat. These features grant more room for designs and more branding opportunities. Moreover, shrink sleeves are very easy to separate from the packaging, therefore simplifying the recycling process of the different packaging components and making this solution extremely eco-friendly.

Our relationship with Maca states Carmen Coppola, Purchase Department Manager at Caffè Mottabegan in March 2011, over 11 years ago, with a single specific project; as time passed, this relationship flourished and strengthened, and for several years they have been our main suppliers and our benchmark for flexible packaging. Over the years, together we managed to reduce the number of colors required for packaging; to lessen, when possible, the weight of film structures; to improve the performance of said films in relation to the packaging machines we gradually implemented; to jointly develop, over one year ago, our own packaging for monodose pods, which are manufactured at considerable speeds (200 units per minute) and by using only aluminum-free and fully recyclable materials, thus anticipating the needs of the current market, which are now dictated by the pandemic and the Ukrainian conflict.

Maca carried out the whole project, from packaging design to the complete sleeving of the cans. Tins were customized with 4 different kinds of shrink sleeves, and each of them portrays iconic pictures that re-evoke Salernitana’s most important moments. 
We adopt a consultancy approach, which entails listening to clients and only then act to best fulfill their needs. This process is carried out by identifying the most suitable packaging solution and by determining the best equipment to achieve it, exploiting innovative engineering techniques which both ensure superior quality and save time and money.