Re-thinking, Re-design, Respect. Sustainability no longer sets boundaries to packaging design.

Together with our partner Comag, we demonstrated this at the Dairy and Conservation Industry Exhibition (SIC) where we presented an innovative prototype of fully compostable flexible packaging.

For some years now, we at Maca have signed a commitment to the future of the planet which is not only our planet, but also of the generations that will come after us.

We got on the saddle of the great challenge of sustainability by riding it at a trot, adapting to its fast pace, jumping obstacles with elegant precision and enjoying the wind of innovation.

Finally, after almost two years without handshakes, without meetings and without feeling the enthusiasm to share our steps forward, our first post-pandemic fair ended for us with an important recognition.

Two of the three most innovative products selected by the 2021 Dairy and Conservation Industry Show are signed by MACA!

We are talking about the new flexible packaging made in collaboration with PFM totally in organic material and the green sleeves: stretch sleeves that can be applied without using heat and through a production process with low energy consumption.

For us at Maca, innovation means evolution, it means moving towards a way of producing packaging that is more sustainable and kinder to the environment, two steps at a time.

Watch the video to find out why.

Meanwhile, we meet at IPACK IMA in Milan, from 3 to 6 May 2022, to get to know other innovative and sustainable flexible packaging solutions up close.