Where we are

In Campania’s steep heart, far from the sea, among the wrinkles of Campanian Apennines, stands an ancient town where winds dance among a sea of wheat.

This is Benevento, a land of witches and dreamers, of skilled warriors and farmers.

A gem embedded in a basin: two rivers cuddle the city, while a legion of mountains keeps watch.

Thanks to these very rivers, Calore and Sabato, Benevento became hometown to some of the earliest pasta factories in Campania. The rivers inspired the development of milling industry: their current provided mills with the energy required to grind the grain harvested in Benevento’s plains into a special semolina. From this moment onwards, Benevento’s pasta became appreciated all over the world.

The first chapter of the tale of a unique pasta

It’s 1860: the former Papal territory of Benevento joins the new Kingdom of Italy. In the following years, the production of durum wheat semolina meets the milling industry. This is the first chapter of the tale of a unique pasta, bloomed from this land and supported by a strong entrepreneurial vision.

This tale is still being written and Benevento’s pasta is renowned for its toughness, the same toughness it shares with beneventani, men and women who faced countless challenges in history.

This pasta takes its time and calls for time: all beautiful things do in fact require patience, good raw materials and technique. Benevento’s pasta is only manufactured from the finest Italian semolina, slowly shaped through bronze dies and dried at low temperatures.

This slow process grants pasta a high protein content, which is what makes it so resistant when cooked: it stays rich, firm, al dente.

The year is 1860, a Sunday morning in via dei Mulini: we picture long spaghetti hung to dry along the sidewalks. We longed to tell this tale, a piece of our very history.

Every day, year after year, the history of Benevento’s pasta flows through our hands, told by its evolving taste and packaging, ceaselessly changing towards a better future.

Benevento is our hometown: here is where our employees were born, where the wind stirs the air we breathe, where the wheat that feeds us grows. Benevento is our land and the future of our grandchildren, like Earth is the future of next generations.

It is our duty to take care of it and defend it while building our tomorrow.