Food packaging is a crucial aspect of food industry. Its purpose is not merely to carry food: it must also keep its organoleptic properties unchanged and guarantee its safety by both preventing contamination by external agents and minimizing its own interaction with it.

For these reasons, constant attention to new materials and full knowledge of product features are very important in food packaging production: their role is to ensure high-quality standards in terms of shelf life. Different food types may require starting from different raw materials: one of the hardest challenges is dairy industry. Milk undergoes countless transformations, which require at least as many distinct packaging solutions, each with its own properties.

Thanks to our long experience in the dairy industry, we can offer technical advice about materials, printing types and specifically designed packaging, as well as provide sustainable options like pouches, stretches or shrink sleeves, labels and other flexible packaging solutions.

Our technical competence and high professionalism are complemented by a great attentiveness towards sustainability. By constant research and innovation, we are able to manufacture eco-friendly packaging featuring the same technical properties of conventional packaging while being much more affordable (as it requires less raw material), much lighter (which simplifies transport) and much more competitive in the market, as it is fully recyclable.

We employ water-based inks and glue to minimize packaging contamination and to manufacture packaging which respects product integrity. A sustainable choice as it is also possible to create a separable paper / film coupling, to facilitate the recycling of the two products.

For dairy industry, we offer a wide array of flexible packaging solutions: sleeves or roll fed labels for milk bottles (both glass and PET) with corresponding tamper-evident cap seals, flexible packaging for mozzarella (bags with preserving liquid or tray lids), sleeves and lids for yogurt cups.

Our hybrid manufacturing plants are suitable for several production processes thanks to the many technologies they employ. By applying cold seals, we obtain packaging suitable for heat-sensitive products; by using solvents we can couple packaging designed towards more challenging applications, like single-dose containers and laminates for pasteurization or sterilization.

For our shrink sleeves production, we start by studying the container the label will be applied to and we help the client choose the most suitable film based upon its heat-shrink curve. Together we examine the possible finishes depending on the artwork and the deformation zones, from gloss and matte varnish to cold foils. We can manufacture tubulars with semi-perimeters (layflat) ranging from 19 to 600 mm and thickness ranging from 20 to 100 μm. We can perform longitudinal and/or transverse perforation to ease the opening or the complete removal of the sleeve.

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