September always brings a fresh start. During this month, we look back at last year’s achievements and set goals for the year ahead; we ponder what we did well and what, on the other hand, we can change to further improve ourselves. Time has come for a new awareness: we must try and become game changers.

At Maca, we start our new year with great enthusiasm and renewed commitment to positive changes in packaging production, use and disposal. One of our objectives for next year is to increase awareness about plastic. Listen carefully: plastic is not evil!

Plastic is a very versatile material which offers many advantages: its lightness and flexibility lead to lesser vehicle emissions when transported, its highly performing technical properties ensure the products are safe and well-preserved (resulting in a significant reduction of waste) and, above all, it can be recycled.

The real issues, the true evils, are the lack of plastic recycling, its inadequate disposal and, worst of all, the terrible habit of throwing it in the sea, dumping it in the woods or choosing single-use packaging over long-lasting alternatives.

To achieve a sea brimming with fish rather than plastic, each one of us must embrace change. There is no need to be heroes to become game changers: a few good habits will do the trick. For example, we should buy products which feature a packaging we perfectly know how to recycle, avoid single-use plastic products, and choose goods which come in sustainable containers like pouches (made with 70% less plastic compared to rigid packaging) or monomaterial packaging (full-plastic, full-paper or full-aluminum).

We wish you all a new year in pursuit of better awareness, greater sustainability, and deeper dedication to the environment.