A lemon tour of Amalfi Coast among sky, sea and mills

Fiat 500 Cabrio, RayBans, white Polo shirt; the day is crystal-clear while sea and sky merge together. We are in Vietri’s main square (piazzetta): the roofs, framed by maritime pine trees, lead our gaze toward the cobalt blue horizon.

The scent of lemon blossoms rises from the terraces behind us, their walls cladded with variegated maiolica. We fasten our seatbelts and dive in the color of sun, towards the land of lemons, among sky, sea and mills.

We take Statale 164: sixty winding kilometres grazing the Amalfi Coast, just like the breeze grazes lemon pergolas in the narrow alleys, filled with stunning views and precipices revealing shy little coves in seaside towns.

Hanging gardens reaching out to the sea, orange blossoms and caper leaves; maritime pine trees and embroidered domes outline a heavenly land striped by orderly green pergolas and yellow sparks glowing in the sunlight.

Vietri, cradle of Italian maiolica. Cetara, the Saracen village of anchovies and sailors. Erchie, an amphitheater by the sea. Maiori and Minori, the Eden of the Coast. Ravello, city of music. Atrani, in the Dragone valley. Amalfi, one of the ancient Maritime Republics. Furore, a painted village. Praiano, which greets the sun and watches over the mermaid as she sleeps. Positano, where the sea god dwells.

A collection of gems embedded in the sheer cliffs of Monti Lattari, enclosed between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno: turn after turn, the Amalfi Coast is revealed.

Welcome to one of 55 Italian UNESCO locations included on the World Heritage List.

This is the birthplace of Amalfi Coast’s yellow gold: the Sfusato Amalfitano, a type of P.G.I. lemon which owes its name to its tapered shape.

A fruit which, albeit sour in taste, can bring about sweet and juicy delights.

Its peel can be processed through maceration in order to extract limoncello, a traditional Amalfi Coast liquor which fully encompasses each and every coast aroma. Amalfi’s lemons are a medley built upon centuries of tradition and rural culture in a territory which inspired countless myths and legends.

Directly from Sentiero degli Dei (Gods’ Pathway), stored in shining yellow glass chests, limoncello heralds the peerless beauty and unmistakable scent of Italy.

Bottled by the very hands which grew, harvested and transformed its sun fruit, it crosses borders and cultures to tease taste buds and enrich sweet recipes.

And what is the scent of your labels?

We offer several packaging solutions for Amalfi Coast’s yellow gold; from sleeves for bottled lemon juice to sleeves for limoncello bottles, with endless customization options.

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