The multipack represents a solution for the sale of multiple packs grouped by a sleeve which can be:

  • Stretch: made of LDPE, low density polyethylene, 100% recyclable material and applied cold without the need for subsequent heat-shrinking;
  • Shrink: heat shrinkable thanks to a subsequent passage in a shrink tunnel.

Both types of products can be decorated at 360 ° to make the most of the surface intended for decoration or the message and increase its communicative effectiveness.

Depending on the shape of the containers, ie.  cans, jars, flasks, bottles or triggers, it is possible to sleeve  and put together more products even of different shapes as it happens, for example, for gifts on the purchase of two or more products.

The sleeves for multipacks give the bottler the opportunity to convey particular marketing campaigns, promotions, events and competitions without altering the pre-existing labelling of the primary product contained in the multipack.

It is also possible to create clusters made by “big size” stretch PE tubulars, which combine multiple multipacks, which can be applied in line during the realisation of the multipacks themselves without requiring dedicated, expensive and bulky tooling.

This solution is advantageous as it optimizes packaging and facilitates transport during Purchase Orders Management.

We at Maca offer our experience according to the customer’s needs to satisfy every labelling and personalization requirements.

We start from the evaluation of the container to recommend the right decoration option (stretch or shrink) and provide a “global” packaging solution entirely designed and built in house which, in addition to the supply of sleeve labels, includes applicators and tunnels to integrate in customer filling lines, with or without handle application.