Wide range of flexible materials
for every specific need

We produce mono film and neutral or printed laminates, mostly intended for automatic packaging, offering our clients high quality of the materials that can be used.

Ad hoc processing systems

Our products range over various commodities, each of which require great care and accuracy in choosing the right solutions. We carry out all the assessments concerning production feasibility, the use of alternative materials and any adaptations, and the most suitable printing techniques. The end product is always a synthesis of an entire series of processes that enable our customers to attain new goals and tackle new challenges.

Variety of the materials

From the most common to those that provide the greatest guarantee of an effective barrier, UV detectable materials, coatings with nanotechnologies, gloss/matt paint in register on matt/gloss film, MACA is able to offer adequate solutions to technological or marketing requirements. On plastic or paper or plastic film and/or aluminium and/or paper laminates.