A legacy of history and nature

The ancient land of Campania, filled with monuments dating from different periods: from the Greco-Roman era to the Angevins and Aragonese... A cultural itinerary made up of museums, medieval churches, castles, Renaissance palaces.

MACA is one of the many companies that reflect the intellectual and professional powerhouse of Campania, a region with incalculable natural, historic and artistic heritage. Pliny the Elder dubbed the ancient territory “felix" because of its fertility. Fertility of the ground but also of the mind, as the dedication and enthusiasm of the “MACA family” bears witness. For those who wish to discover this territory, we would suggest countless sites to visit within a radius of around 100 km from MACA that are significant in terms of archaeology, architecture, museums, spas, the sea, nature and cuisine.

Places to visit

(KM away from MACA)
Local guides and maps of the Campania region