Our principles create a bond with the customer of long-lasting reciprocal satisfaction. That’s why we offer functional products and services that stand out for their excellent quality, attained through the professionalism and reliability of our team.

Company profile

MACA is a successful company operating in the flexible packaging market. Medium and high definition flexography technology enables a printed product to be offered with extremely high qualitative specifications and greater potential flexibility at reasonable costs, even for medium to small print runs. We aim to offer medium/small enterprises a service/product that is usually the preserve of the very highest end of the market.

The creation of multilayered wrapping, designed in accordance with the specific requirement of each individual product, allows made-to-measure packaging to be produced and optimised, based on the purpose (economic, aesthetic, graphical, technical, storage etc.). Our strongpoint is the selection of materials and the level of definition of the printing. MACA represents a promise to customers that the product is safe and high quality.

Our mission

Our ethical values dictate that we act in a sustainable and transparent way, where the expertise and value of people is at the forefront. This is the wellspring of our mission: continuous investment in innovation, selection of the best raw

materials, specialised personnel, respect and consideration for the customer, who is always the focus of our daily commitment. Our aims are also attained through continuous research and the constant development of the resources.


The work group

Our success is based on the capacity to renew technologies and the recruitment of top level professionals. MACA’s expert, motivated personnel respect our values as the key to achieving the objective of producing the best outcome for the customer. They have experience in almost every field of graphic art and apply control and process methods to the variables involved in flexo printing that are rare in the flexible packaging field.